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Welcome to the top in Asia youth performing arts and performance sports academy. 
It's ONLINE, Youth Self-Affordable PAY-PER-CLASS!  

1 Book Schedule
2 Pay Class Fees
3 Attend Lesson
Certificate in Film Producing-Directing
Diploma in Film Producing-Directing

Certificate in Modelling
Diploma in Modelling & Arts Management

Certificate for Fitness Coach
Diploma for Fitness Coach & Sports Management

Diploma in YBCA SuperSports™ Coaching & Management

Certificate in Boxing
Diploma in Boxing Coaching & Sports Management

Certificate in Gymnastics
Diploma in Gymnastics Coaching & Sports Management

Certificate in Sports Climbing
Diploma in Sports Climbing Coaching & Management

Certificate for Modern Dancer
Diploma for Modern Dancing Coaching & Arts Management

Certificate for Motorsports Racer
Diploma for Motorsports Racer, Coach-Manager

Certificate for Deejay
Diploma for DJ-Producer

Certificate for Emcee
Diploma for MC-Producer

Certificate for Singer-Songwriter 
Diploma for Singer, Songwriter-Producer

Certificate for Fiction/Non-Fiction Author
Diploma for Fiction/Non-Fiction Author-Publisher

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